Coton Morris are a mixed Cotswold morris side based in the Cambridge and South Fens area.

We are currently recruiting, so if you are interested in Morris dancing, gentle exercise in friendly company or being in the greatest Morris side to grace the Fens, then contact Andy on 01480 810756, or e-mail cotonmorris at, or come along to one of our practices during practice season (September to April) at Milton Community Centre, 7:30pm Thursday nights.

Coton Morris welcome members from any race, ethnic group, religion, gender or sexuality. We will not discriminate based on what perceived group of human you may happen to be a part of.
There have been attempts to co-opt morris dancing into a white nationalist ideal. We are wholly against any such thing. Morris dancing is folk dancing and all folk are welcome.
We reject racism. We reject sexism. We reject any other form of discrimination.

If you are not interested in joining in dancing, but want to find out what we are about or why anyone would want to perform such a bizarre, interesting and historic pastime, we often post advanced warning of our presence on Twitter. We're @CotonMorris over there.

Find us on Facebook: Coton Morris | Promote your Page too

Look at that. Traditional enough for you?